Our Policies

Availability, Service Area and Back Up Pet Sitters

We have caring, responsible, qualified pet care providers who have good availability for pet sitting appointments. We service most of the St. John's and parts of Duval County areas,  and if your primary pet sitter is booked up, sick, or out of town, we will provide a back up sitter to care for your pets. We will never cancel a confirmed pet sitting assignment last minute and leave you in a bind.

Personalized Service

We assign one pet sitter to your household so that you and your pets can establish and maintain a personal relationship with your pet sitter.  Exceptions may be made if you require pet sitting 4 + times per day (then we may need to split the pet sitting between two sitters), or if you need pet sitting at a very specific time of day when your primary sitter is unavailable. Most pet sitters will give you their cell phone numbers so that you may call to check on your pet while you are away.

Pet Care Reports

When you arrive home, there will be a pet care report from your pet sitter detailing how your pets were while you were away.

Liability and Bonding Insurance

All of our pet sitters are covered under a comprehensive pet sitter's insurance policy and bond in the case of negligence or theft on their part for anything in their care, custody and control.

Thorough Employment Screening

All of our pet sitters go through a thorough interview process which includes a personal interview, a background reference check. In addition, all pet sitters sign an agreement, outlining rules and expectations of the company.

Business Office Hours

We maintain office hours to answer phones personally. It is the nature of the pet sitting business to have staff out caring for pets throughout the day so we are not usually in the office all day every day. It is the nature of the pet sitting business to have staff out caring for pets throughout the day, if we are out of the office, we check voice messages/texts frequently.

Early and Late Appointments

We will arrive as early as 6:00 a.m. and our last visit is between  9:30-10:00pm. We try to accommodate your pets routine as much as possible.

Aggressive Dogs

If you have a dog that will be aggressive to anyone entering your home while you are not there, we will not accept the pet sitting reservation. Caring for a potentially or known to be, aggressive dog puts the pet sitter at risk and we will not accept any reservations.  If you do make a reservation and were unaware that your dog would be aggressive (growl, teeth baring, lip curling at pet sitter) while attempting to work with the dog, we will do our best as agreed.  If we are unable to calm your dog’s aggressiveness (walk your dog, get him/her outside to go potty), we reserve the right to cancel the remainder of the assignment. We will not pet sit if a dog's aggressiveness prevents us from doing a typical visit. Additionally, you will be responsible for medical bills should your dog bite or injure the sitter.

Travel Days

It is rarely a problem for us to continue pet sitting should you be delayed on your trip and not be able to return home as expected.  Regular rates for the extra visits will apply. Please contact the office not the pet sitter. We are not responsible for arrangements made directly with the pet sitter.

Pet Sitters

We endeavor to assign the same pet sitter to a client's pets throughout a reservation and on all reservations.  A back-up sitter is available to look after a client’s pet(s) should a sitter become ill, be on vacation, or no longer work for us. The replacement sitter will have access to a client’s complete file, ensuring the care will be following the pet’s routine.

Hurricane Contingency Plan

During a hurricane, we may be unable to evacuate all of our clients' pets.  If you are unable to return for your pets, we may need to adjust your scheduled visits accordingly based on the weather

Appointment Times

We strive to follow your pet's routine and visit your home at their routine time.  However, we cannot promise to always arrive at the exact time and ask for a timeframe for your pets.


Please schedule online, text or email and call for reservations and cancellations. Scheduling new reservations or canceling appointments with the pet sitters is not preferred. This avoids visits not being done and cancellations not being handled and fees being charged.


If a pet sitting reservation needs to be canceled please give us as much notice as possible, preferably 24 hours notice. There may be a cancellation fee for appointments cancelled without adequate notice.