The team of pet sitters at All Ears Pet Sitting is knowledgeable, reliable, compassionate pet care givers. We can assure you their pets are very pampered fur family too! All pet sitters are bonded and insured. Our team is carefully chosen to match with your pets to ensure that your pets every needs are met.

All Ears Pet Sitting has experience caring for dogs, cats, horses and various other animals. All Ears Pet Sitting is committed to providing you with the best pet care available.

When it comes to your pets needs, we're "All Ears". 

About All Ears Pet Sitting

All Ears Pet Sitting began in 2003 to provide superior in-home care for your family pets. Our goal is to make it possible for pets to enjoy their usual routine when their owners need to travel for a day, weekend or an extended length of time, or when your dogs need a mid-day break. Research has shown that pets are happiest and healthiest in familiar surroundings and thrive on their normal routine.

All Ears caring ways, reliability, and attention to detail have provided pet owners with peace of mind over the past few years. All Ears Pet Sitting is the optimal solution for those who travel.

All Ears Pet Sitting worked as part of an emergency animal rescue in California, sanctioned by the local police and fire departments, to assist in rescuing animals during fires, floods and other disasters.